Amazon Prime Day is Back!

Amazon Prime Day is back with huge digital sales across the site!

Billed as a “two-day parade of non-stop deals”, this bonanza of lightning offers and amazing discounts is for Prime customers only- but if you’re not a member, then it’s not too late to sign up!

New members to Prime get a 30-day free trial, so to really get the most out of your tester, be sure to sign up now so you’re all ready for 15th & 16th July. 

Amazon Prime offers next day delivery on loads of great items and is perfect for browsing and shopping online.

It also offers a streaming service similar to Netflix with a wide range of movies and tv shows, brilliant for a relaxing night in.

In addition to this service, Amazon also offer a music streaming service similar to Spotify, and as a Prime Member you can receive this service for just 99p!

The sale will run for two days, from 00:01am on July 15th to 23:59pm on July 16th, and offer deals across electronics, movies, clothing, toys, sports items, homeware, baby and more.

Amazon haven’t revealed any specific deals as of yet, but you can be fairly confident that Amazon branded products— The Kindle, The Amazon Echo,  and The Fire TV Box— will be getting a pretty good discount.

To shop like a total pro, here are some top tips for getting the most out of this MEGA sale.

Share Your Prime

You can “invite” your family to share in your prime benefits at no additional costs, so rather than everyone having separate accounts, you can set up an ‘Amazon Household’, which allows you to share your prime benefits, share digital content like apps, games and kindle books. Amazon Household also lets you set up parental controls on your Amazon devices, so you can control the content your little one sees with Fire For Kids and Kindle For Kids.

Don’t Be Tied To The Desktop

By downloading the Amazon app to your phone, you’ll be able to shop on the go, meaning you’ll never miss out on any fabulous flash deals that might crop up over the course of the flash sale.

Reward Me Now

By paying via an eGift Card, you can save money on every purchase and even stack discounts to get the very best value possible! With Reward Me Now you can get discounted eGift Cards that are instantly redeemable online. What’s more, Reward Me Now are currently offering a 5* Spa Afternoon at Seaham Hall for the next 100 sign ups, so act fast and sign up here. Sign ups cost £20 but with discounts of up to 18% on food, fashion and even holidays, this app is THE money saving way to shop and justifies the 20 quid lifetime sign up time and time again. 


Amazon have a charity network called Amazon Smile, which is exactly the same as Amazon, except 0.5% of the money spent goes to a charity of your choice. This is a really nice way to donate to charity— without it costing you anything!

“Watch” Out

As a Prime member, on Prime day you’ll get a little bit of a sneak peek at certain deals before they start, meaning you can tap on the “watch this deal” on items. Once you’ve tapped on that little icon, you’ll receive a notification when the items go into the sale on Prime Day, meaning you’ll not miss out on any of the best deals on the things that you want.

Think Broad

Amazon isn’t all just books and gadgets. Looking for a swimming costume for the summer? Check for it in the Prime Day sales. Looking for a foam mattress topper? Check the Prime Day sales. 100 live ladybirds? You get the idea.


Whilst I hope no one will actually go for some of the odder items available on Amazon, the website really does sell absolutely everything you could ever need, so don’t be afraid to pick up a bargain and search for the weird and wonderful— you never know what you might get!

Will you be getting Prime in Time for the sale? Let us know in the comments!

Sign up here to get Amazon Prime HERE.

image source: Pexels
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