Amazon sues people leaving fake reviews, spot the fakers!

Amazon sues people leaving fake reviews, spot the fakers!

Amazon has said that they are going to begin to sue 1,114 people for leaving ‘false, misleading and inauthentic’ reviews on their website.

When it comes to buying products online, I am a firm believer of conducting some thorough research and reading reviews before splashing the cash, but now we know there are so many fakers out there trying to con us into buying their products, how do we know who and what to trust?

Here are three tell-tale signs that the reviews could be fake!


Examine the review’s language. The chances are if the writer is using formal wording or including a products technical name or product number, then they are trying to market the product rather than review it. An authentic review will concentrate much more on how well the product actually works rather than describing it.

Check out the reviewers profile

Lot’s of online selling sites allow you to have a look at a reviewer’s history. If you are suspicious of a reviewer check out their reputation. If they have been putting five gold stars next to a particular manufacturers products then the chances are they are fake. Even more of a warning sign would be if they were putting one-star reviews next to competitor products.

Check if the person has actually purchased the product

You can find out if they have purchased the item by looking for the orange verified purchase text in the top right-hand corner of the review under their star rating and name. Look for the ‘Purchase Verified’ badge on the review.

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