An Important Read For All Parents On Facebook

This an important read for all parents on Facebook

Paedophiles are making fake accounts to befriend parents

This is very scary and a very good reason to not accept friend requests from anyone you don’t personally know.

Paedophiles are making a number of different profiles to befriend the parents of youngsters in a bid to access the children’s details and photos. 

We are always telling our children not to speak to strangers, us as parents should be taking our own advice and keeping our Facebook private and for friends only to protect our children.

The Sun today uncovered one of these accounts after they were tipped off by a source.

The account is for a man who goes by the name Johnny Hawk – this is the photo of the profile below so no one is confused…

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 14.31.50

The Sun can reveal he is really dangerous Gareth Hodgeon, 31, whose sickening attacks of abuse and rape of a child took place in Preston, Lancs. He was in caged in 2010 after being found guilty by a jury but has now been freed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 14.37.55

Gareth Hodgeon is not barred from using social networking sites or the internet under the terms of his release but cannot be alone with children if he was to form a future relationship.

Please be careful with who befriends you on Facebook, our children are too precious to put at risk.

Keep an eye on The Sun story as they may have further developments…

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