Angel Delight Is Making A Modern Comeback

Your favourite childhood dessert is making a huge comeback with a very modern update!

Angel Delight, the fluffy, whipped retro dessert, was a staple of many of our childhoods, and now it’s making a comeback with a modern makeover and we are SO excited.


Image: Tesco

The dessert, usually sold as a dry sachet and then hand mixed with fresh milk, was a weekend TV watching favourite back in the day, and now the delicious treat is now being sold in single serve pots, so you can enjoy your favourite vintage pudding today without the mess or fuss.



You can get all of the original fabulous flavours including strawberry, chocolate, and butterscotch in these new handy travel size pots.

The newly packaged version is a great way to introduce the kids to your favourite nostalgic pudding too, and will be great popped in your little ones lunchbox for school, or in your own for work.

Don’t worry about having to pay more for the new, easy to use pots. Tesco are selling them for just 50p each, which is the same as you’d pay for a DIY sachet.

If you really love the pud though, you can get any 7 yummy pots for £3 right now!

Fans of the seventies favourite are enjoying the handy update as the manufacturers have seen an influx in people buying the dessert again now that it comes ready made.

If you still like to make your Angel Delight the original way like your mum used to when you were young, fear not, the delicious deserts will still be sold in their original sachet form too!

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