ANOTHER 24-Hour Tube Strike Has Just Been Announced!

ANOTHER 24-Hour Tube Strike Has Just Been Announced!

London came to a standstill last week when London’s tube stations across the city closed from 6pm on Wednesday and didn’t re-open until the Friday morning causing chaos for commuters.  The news showed scenes of gridlocked roads and queues for buses stretching absolutely ridiculous lengths. I really felt for the Londoners trying to get to work or home.

Well now It’s been announced by the Aslef Union that staff will walk out AGAIN on August 5th as the dispute about the new night Tube continues.

BBC’s London transport correspondent Tom Edwards has said: ‘The unions still have concerns over the introduction of the night Tube and extra night and weekend shifts and how it will erode the work/life balance of employees. But the concerns aren’t just about that, they also cover pay and the closure of ticket offices. And with four unions involved with varying issues it means finding a resolution will be harder.’


People have mixed opinions on the strike as tube drivers apparently earn an annual salary approaching £50,000 on a range of shifts and the drivers would only be required to work seven night shifts a year due to the amount of new jobs planned to be created.

Although many people are forced to work from home whilst the strikes are taking place, if you live in the city or are planning a visit then you should definitely make a note that the underground will not be accessible from 21:30pm 5th August until the following night.

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