Appeal Your Unfair Parking Ticket
Appeal Your Parking Ticket

How And Why You Should Appeal Your Unfair Parking Ticket

While many tickets are rightfully given, there are also many that aren’t. If you find yourself faced with an unfair parking ticket, you may feel like the easiest thing to do is pay it off as quickly as possible in order to avoid the charge increasing, however you are well within your rights to appeal. It is free and you could save yourself a lot of money in the process.


By gathering evidence as soon as you find the ticket, you will help your appeal a great deal. Try photographing road signs, any unclear road markings or yellow/red marks, lack of signs or markings, your car if you are disputing where you were alleged to of parked or your parking ticket if you bought one. You should then go ahead and begin writing up your first letter, an informal appeal to the council simply explaining what has happened and why you wish to appeal. Make sure you submit any evidence you collected alongside this. There’s a chance you could win your case there and then, although it’s rare.


If you don’t win then it is time to move onto the formal stage of the reclaim. Begin by filling out the form provided by the council along with another detailed letter to help get your valid points across. You will soon hear back on whether you have won or not , and if you haven’t you have two choices. You can either accept the fine and pay, or take tribunal action. Although it is highly likely it won’t come to this and your fine will be lifted.

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