Apple Could Stop People Recording At Gigs

Apple Could Stop People Recording At Gigs

In the future, Apple could stop people using iPhones from recording at gigs.

Apple have found a way that can stop people from using the camera feature whilst at cinemas and other live events. The way they stop you is by using an infrared emitter to send out a signal, which the phone will receive and decode and it will block the user from using the camera feature.

Apple have been granted a patent, so no-one else can make the technology. They will be doing it to stop video piracy and publishing information from private functions.

The emitter won’t stop you from making calls or texts. Once the iPhone has decoded the information and the camera has been disabled, you will receive a push notification to inform you about the change. Once you are far enough away from the emitter your camera feature will activate again.

The infrared emitter isn’t limited to stopping the camera feature. Another thing it can do is giving you information about an exhibit you are looking at in a museum. It will know what exhibit you are looking at and then send you information about it.

So far, all apple have is the patent, so the technology will not be released for a while.

Would it annoy you, if you couldn’t record or take pictures while you are at gigs or other live events?

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