Apple Has Issued A Recall On These Plugs

If you’re an Apple fan, you probably have many plug adapters lying around, some of which may have been recalled

Apple has issued a recall, warning customers to exchange certain plug adapters in case of an electric shock.

Six incidents of electrocution have since been reported as the exposed metal parts of the plug may have broken.

The plug adapters in question are; the AC wall plug adapter that is shipped alongside Macs, certain iOS products shipped between 2003 and 2010 and plugs included in the World Travel Adapter kit.

The adapters that are at risk of electrocuting customers were shipped within the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong, the rest are safe to use.

The affected plugs are white, have no letters like the newer versions, and don’t have dimples on the side of the plugs.

Apple has stated that it will voluntarily exchange plug adapters free of charge, just head to your local Apple store.

Image: BBC


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