Apple’s Run Out Of Replacement iPhone Batteries Already!

Were you intending on getting yourself a discounted replacement iPhone battery? Unfortunately you’ll now have to wait ’til March to buy it…

You’ve probably heard the news recently that Apple admitted, and apologised, for slowing down batteries in older versions of iPhone’s.

After a huge backlash from customers, Apple reduced replacement battery prices as a way to make it up to customers, from £58 to £25 for iPhone 6 and 7 handsets.

Unfortunately though, customers have now been told that they will have to wait until March for their replacement battery as they have run out of stock.

Some customers took to Twitter to explain that they had booked Genius appointments, and when they arrived were told to come back in March.

Apple has reportedly now changed its system so that customers can only book an appointment for a replacement once they come back in to stock.

So bad news, if you were going to get your replacement battery this week, you’re now going to have to wait 2 months for it.


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