Approved Food on ITV1 Tonight – save up to 70% off your food shopping

Approved Food are an online retailer of short dated food that you can get for a fraction of the RRP.

Watch Bargain Fever Britain at 8pm tonight on ITV1 (25/08/15) to see them in action.

The majority of the stock at approved food are close to or past the best before date and they guarantee that you will make massive 70% savings compared to if you shopped at your local supermarket.

Visit Approved Food now and place your order online, the minimum order value is only £15 and delivery costs are £5.99

To be honest the whoopsie aisles in my local supermarkets are always packed full of people grabbing bags of 6p bananas because they are a little too ripe

I have had a look through the site and picked some items that are a fantastic deal that won’t particularly matter if it’s just past the best before date.

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