Are you guilty of being too over protective?

 Are you guilty of being too over protective?

I think it’s understandable that we have to be much more protective over our children than we used to be back in the day when I was a child and when my mother was a child, but is there such thing as being too overprotective? I recently read something in the news that being over protective could be quite destructive .

My Mum for example, is always telling me about how all of the children in the area would be allowed to play out all day, only coming home to be fed and watered back in the 70’s, there was no wrapping them up in cotton wool or fears of any potential dangers. These days I wouldn’t dare let the children out all day not knowing where they are or who they are with. So apparently as time goes on, parents are becoming more and more protective due to the society we live in but what affects does this have on our children?


A study has shown that one of the long term affects of children being sheltered is that they grow up to be dependant, noticeably less than children who are left to their own devices, as well as them being much more vulnerable, anxious and self-conscious.

The study suggested that the less we do for our children, the more rewards we will reap but I’m not entirely sure how true this is. I know some parents have a view that kids should still be left to their own devices to a certain extent but on the other hand I also hear about parents who leave cameras in their house whilst their child is being babysat.

I’d like to hear your opinion! Do you agree that parents today are generally too over protective?

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