Argos cancelling customers orders but still taking money!

Argos cancelling customers orders but still taking money!

I don’t know how many of you have used Argos to do a bit of Christmas shopping lately, but if you have you may want to check your emails and order history.

You may have noticed that the site has been down over the weekend and Argos have now confirmed that this was due to an IT issue.

However, customers are even more frustrated to find out that the retailer is denying that any of their orders have been placed.

A spokesperson for Argos has said: ‘We are extremely sorry for the temporary service issues our customers were experiencing on our website this afternoon.

“We have identified and fixed the issue and our site is now up and running.

“We apologise to any customer who tried to contact us unsuccessfully and we are working to respond to all enquiries as soon as we can.

“We apologise if any customer experienced problems with a home delivery and will be in contact to resolve this.”

I have been told that there is no evidence of hackers, but customers should be vigilant of scammers wanting to get customers details through unofficial emails.


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  1. If anyone has brought a Sekonda Crystalla Ladies’ Fashion Watch from Argos please check it as I brought 2 of them and neither of them work I think it is just the battery and Argos does not have batteries to put in them to check so it states to just go and buy a new battery,(which i think they should pay for) but if you take it elsewhere to get a battery in them you will then invalidate your guarantee. Or you can get your money back but I brought these in good faith and they should also be fit for purpose of which they are not, I think Argos should pay for the new batteries.

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