Argos Has Recalled These Products Due To Safety Fears

Argos is recalling two of its products this week over fears that they are unsafe for use

The first product in question is the Argos Home Goose Feather and Down Pillow (£20) and is being recalled due to fears that the pillows do not meet the required level of fire and safety standards.

The second product is the Argos Home Three and Eight Cup Cafetieres (£7 and £10) that has a plunger device that presses water through the filter screen. This is being recalled due to the coffee maker’s glass being uneven, which could break and shatter, subsequently hurting users.

Argos has issued a statement on the website saying both products should be returned back to stores and to be careful handling the coffee marker in case it shatters and causes injury. Refunds will be given with or without a receipt.

Image: The Sun
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