Have Argos taken money from your bank account?

Have Argos taken money from your bank account?

*Update – This seems to have happened to many of you over the past few days, check your bank account now!

I got this message earlier today…

”Hi Ashleigh,

I don’t know if you are aware of this situation but I have just been affected by it.

Back in November 2015 I ordered my daughters Christmas presents from Argos.

It has just come to light that their online transaction system had technical issues. They took the money out of my bank account on the day I bought the items.

However, Argos now claim that they refunded me and because of this they have taken £167.89 out of my account TODAY – 6 months down the line!

I have called my bank as I didn’t know where the transaction had come from on my account. They confirmed that it was from Argos for a payment on the 29th of November.

They put me through to Argos customer care who then took my details and made me believe that they will sort it out today, to then be told that I can’t actually speak to the correct department and that I will get a call back in 48hrs!!

I’ve spoke to around 10 different people at Argos expressing my anger that they can do this. I

t has apparently affected a lot of people as Argos stated and also my bank. Argos how ever are offering the affected customers a £10 voucher as a gesture of goodwill. I think this is a bit of mick take on people that have lost out on their money. As a result of this Argos have now taken all my money and left me with £3 in my account. I have bills to pay and a daughter to feed. I don’t know if you want to put this out there but I just thought I would inform you of what Argos are currently doing to a lot of people.”

Have you been affected by this? Get in-touch and let us know…

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