Asda Children Slippers Recall

Asda Children Slippers Recall

Asda are recalling all sizes of Paw Patrol theme children slippers. There is a problem where the heel of the slippers detaches from the rest of the slipper. This could a dangerous as it could make it the child unsteady whilst walking in them, possibly causing them to fall and potentially hurt them.

Paw Patrol Slippers

These are the slippers that are being recalled.

Asda have gave information about what to do if you have bought a pair of the Paw Patrol slippers. They have said that you should take the slippers back to an Asda store to return them. You will not need a receipt or packing to return them. When you return them you will receive a full refund, with or without the receipt or packaging.

Asda have said that they are very sorry for the inconvenience and if there is any other questions you can contact the Asda Customer Relations number at 0800 952 0101.

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