Asda Confirm Job Cuts

Asda confirm job cuts of their most unpopular services

The plans will cut the jobs of 530 store staff

Asda announced its plans in January to cut the jobs of around 5,000 store staff. The plan was to offer those staff affected new positions in another department, if they didn’t accept the new offer then it could lead to redundancy.

This morning Asda confirmed that it has consulted half of the 5,000 affected staff and 280 have decided to take voluntary redundancy or decided that the role they were offered wasn’t suitable. Alternative jobs included moving to a different store or a different department.

A further 2,500 are still in consultation and Asda expects that around 250 workers will decide not to take alternative jobs or will opt for voluntary redundancy.

The changes are part of a project renewal to modernise stores, cut prices and win back customers that have switched to discount retailers Aldi and Lidl.

Asda has chosen a number of shop floor services such as photo processing and its George clothing desks that are no longer as popular as they were.

Pharmacy opening hours will also be changed and services such as make your own pizza may be removed from smaller stores where people prefer to buy pre-packed pizza.

Asda have also confirmed that 250 staff have left its Leeds head office.

Is this shake up affecting you or anyone you know? What do you think of the changes?

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