Asda cuts petrol prices AGAIN!

Asda cuts petrol prices AGAIN!

Supermarket top dog Asda is cutting the prices of unleaded petrol again, just two weeks after its last cut!

The retailer is set to give motorists a weekend boost by cutting its unleaded prices by 2p per litre. The cut will be coming into immediate effect meaning that in the last month Asda has cut the price of unleaded by 5p per litre and the price of diesel by 9p per litre.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “This latest price cut from Asda, coming just two weeks after the last, will be met with cheer from drivers of the country’s 19 million petrol cars, who will have noticed that diesel drivers have been enjoying substantially lower prices for over a month now.

“This summer has been a much cheaper one for motorists than the last. The cost of filling up an average family petrol car is now around £8 less than it was last summer, and around £12 less for a diesel car.

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