Asda fails to deliver customers groceries twice

Asda fails to deliver customers groceries twice…

So she heads to her nearest Asda store and takes matters into her own hands

How far would you go if Asda failed to deliver your grocery shopping?

Danni Leadbeater, 30, ordered a £50 shop from Asda for herself and her two young children last week, however, after waiting more than 48 hours and being charged twice for it, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

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Danni, first placed her order on Thursday using their mobile phone app. It did not turn up during the allocated delivery slot between 3pm and 5pm on Friday with Danni being informed it had been cancelled due to a ‘shortage of delivery drivers.’

She was told she would have to re-book it, and re-pay whilst waiting 7-10 days for a refund on the previous order.

Then the second order also failed to turn up on Saturday morning and after a number of phone calls to Asda, she went into the store, along with her sons aged 11 and seven months, to collect it herself.

She was initially offered £30 in vouchers but refused to accept that, saying that would not be enough as her tot’s baby milk would cost £10 alone and would not leave with her enough for food.

So Danni went into the Eastlands superstore and began taking the items from the shelves and piling them into a trolley.

After a stand-off with staff and security, an in intervention from the company’s HQ, she was eventually allowed to leave without paying for it again.

However she has slammed the store for the way she was treated and has vowed never to shop with them again.

Would you go this far for your grocery shopping?

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