Asda gift voucher scam

Asda gift voucher scam.

Keep your details safe and DO NOT register for this voucher…

Time and time again I see scam supermarket gift vouchers or coupons being shared on social media.

Many people fall for them simply because they like the idea of getting such a large discount off their grocery bill but 9 times out of 10 the coupons are scams. Unfortunately this Asda gift voucher is a scam.

If you ever see any online coupons and you’re unsure whether they are legit, send them to me and I will check them out for you 🙂

Scammers will do anything to get their hands on your hard earned cash or your personal details so they can sell them on to more scammers.

This is the Asda voucher that is doing the rounds on Facebook right now. If you have seen anyone sharing this please let them know it is a scam and they should delete it from their Facebook page immediately.

Asda gift voucher scam

The gift voucher promises you £70 off your Asda grocery shop.

When you click on the gift voucher it takes you to a website which I check out on and the information they hold for the website says it is only 3 days old and the location of the site is being hidden – which proves this is a scam.

Please share this with your friends and family to make them aware of this new scam

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