Asda introduces ‘quiet hour’ to help autistic & disabled shoppers

Asda introduces ‘quiet hour’ to help autistic & disabled shoppers.

Shoppers are praising an Asda store in Cheetham Hill Manchester as the manager reveals that they will introduce a quiet hour.

The quiet hour is designed to help autistic and disabled shoppers have more calm and relaxed experience when in store and I know so many people will benefit from this.

Once the ‘quiet hour’ commences, all in-store music and display TVs will be turned off and escalators stopped. Not only this, but there will be pictures instead of words labelling where things are.

Manager Simon Lea was inspired after seeing a young boy struggling in his store, he told the Manchester Evening News: ‘“This boy was playing absolute blue murder, kicking and screaming. His mum just looked drained. She told me he suffers from autism. He was having a meltdown, so I gave him a football to play with”.

“This lad looked at me and he started playing with the football. His mum was the happiest I have ever seen anyone and just for giving him a football.”

The first “quiet hour” will be on Saturday 7th May, at 8am. The event is designed to help not just children, but anybody else who may have a disability or who would rather shop in a quieter environment.

I personally think that this is an amazing idea and should be so helpful to parents so could be well worth passing this on if you know anyone who could find it beneficial.

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