Asda Is Selling A Unicorn Yogurt And It’s MAGICAL

ASDA shoppers! Make way for the new unicorn yogurt on the block

With unicorns being all the hype with the entire nation, ASDA has launched a Muller unicorn yogurt called Unicorner and it truly is magical!

The yogurt is strawberry flavored whilst the ‘magical crunchy balls’ are silver, encouraging the eater to create unicorn designs in the yogurt (we can’t wait to do this!).

This mythical yogurt certainly appeals to us at Ashleigh so we’re 100% sure our kids will be super excited to eat them when they open up their packed lunches at school, too.

The pots will be priced at approximately £2 for a pack of six or 86p individually and will be stocked from today for a few months so snap them up whilst you can.

Image: Daily Star
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