ASDA lowers petrol prices to cheapest in five years today!

ASDA lowers petrol prices to cheapest in five years today!

Today is a big day for motorists! ASDA is set to slash their diesel prices making it their cheapest deals for five years!

ASDA will be cutting diesel by 2p to 108.7p per litre and unleaded by 1p to 111.7p. This is set to reignite the petrol war between all of the big supermarkets as the oil falls on world market which can never be a bad thing for us motorists.

We will see the cheapest prices for 5 years starting from today! 

Andy Peake, Asda’s petrol director, told SunNation: “It’s the summer holidays and we know families will be getting out and about all across the country, which is why we’re cutting yet more cost off the price of filling up your car.”

In response to this big news Luke Bosdet told SunNation: “This is a very strong play by Asda to get a significant advantage against its rivals. It suggests they are under quite severe pressure from the discount retailers who don’t have fuel.”

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