Asda Nappy Bargain

You may have seen we posted a very popular Asda nappy bargain a couple of days ago

Asda’s Little Angle nappies were reduced due to their Christmas design.

As I write this, I am told there are still some stores with these nappies available and the offer is nationwide. They may not be marked down on the shelf but when you scan them, they are scanning at £1.

£1 for a pack 34 nappies is a great bargain, it certainly wouldn’t bother me if my child was wearing Christmas themed nappies after Christmas.

However, I have since been informed that the nappies are actually reduced because they are out of date and they can give your child sores. Apparently there is a best before date on the bottom of the pack dated October 2015.

Obviously I don’t want any child to suffer for the sake of £1 so I have been looking into this.

I have contacted Asda who have informed me that the date on the bottom of the nappies is actually a production date, it is printed on the packs along with a batch number for product quality purposes.

So if a child is getting sores from these nappies it is more than likely because they are allergic to the nappies. The same happened to one of my children with another brand of nappies.

So no need to panic, your £1 nappies are safe to use aslong as your child isn’t sensitive to them 🙂

asda nappies

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