ASDA Petrol To Drop To £1.10 Per Litre December 2014
Asda Fuel Price Drop December 2014

If you need to fill up the car with fuel make sure you wait until Thursday 18th December 2014 as Asda and Sainburys have announced a price cut on both their petrol and diesel prices.

Asda customers will pay only 110.7p per litre of petrol and 117.7 per litre of diesel! Sainsburys will also be taking 2p off per litre of petrol and 1p off per litre of diesel.

This comes at a very good time when lots of us will be driving 100s of miles to visit loved ones over the Christmas period. Long may these price drops continue!

I can remember a time when fuel was under 70p a litre and £10 would last some people a week!



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