Asda recalls children’s food

Asda recalls children’s food

Check your cupboards and send to your friends to ensure these are not consumed.

Some of you ask why I post recalls on my website rather than my Facebook page, there are a few reasons…

  • If someone hears about a recall, you automatically head to google and search for information on that particular recall. If I only posted about it on my Facebook page then that person on Google may not see the information.
  • Facebook only delivers our posts to a very small percentage of our followers so not everyone will see the post. This is why we will post the recall post a few times at different times of the day to ensure no one misses out.
  • The recall information is easier to find on my website if you wish to come back to it for more information at a later date rather than having to scroll through all my Facebook posts
  • The shorter the Facebook posts are, the more likely they will reach people – it’s a crazy Facebook algorithm, which means we wouldn’t be able to provide full information.

Annabel Karmel / Disney Tasty Thai Mini Bakes 20g
Price 50p
Bar Code 506025034198
Batch code L16034
BB date 03/11/2016

Annabel Karmel / Disney Kool Korma Mini Bakes 20g
Price 50p
Bar Code 506025034201
Batch code L16034
BB date of 03/11/2016

Annabel Karmel / Disney Strawberry & Vanilla Mini Biscotti 4 x 20g
Price £1.00
Bar Code 503076502476
Batch code L16027
BB date of 27/10/2016

Lightbody Ventures Ltd have recalled the above products as a precautionary measure due to a potential contamination. No other Lightbody Ventures Ltd, Annabel Karmel branded or Disney branded products are affected.

If you have any of the affected foods then take it back to the any Asda store for a full refund. No proof of purchase necessary.

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