Asda red wine best in the world

Asda red wine best in the world

Asda red wine beat 16,000 rivals in a blind taste test

Who would have thought an Asda red wine would come first in a blind taste test?! But the best bit? It costs less than a fiver!

The £4.37 bottle of red wine which you can find in Asda stores has beat competition from thousands and thousands of other brands to take the title.

Describing the wine as tasting of “freshly crushed black fruit, creamy vanilla yoghurt and pepper spice” the wine experts said it had “an excellent freshness” with punch that was “full of energy with a great price point”.

Asda is said to be now stocking its shelves of ‘La Moneda Reserve Malbec from Chile‘ ready for a buying frenzy, as wine-lovers rush to its stores to pick up the bargain Malbec ahead of the weekend.

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So would you agree with this research or do you know of another worthy winner?

Get intouch and let me know your favourite bargain wines.

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