Should these Asda storage boxes be recalled?

Should these Asda storage boxes be recalled?

A child suffered an awful injury would could have cost her her eye…

Lisa Speakman, mum of 3-year-old Lexie, has told The Sun of her horror after her daughter was playing in her bedroom and had an accident.

”My partner heard screaming and came running into the front room and saw her holding her face and blood dripping everywhere. I was at my mum’s house and he called me to say she had sliced her eye but I thought he must be overreacting and it was going to be a small cut. But when I saw her it was a massive gash I panicked.”

Lexie was taken to A&E before being transferred to Manchester Children’s Hospital where she had to have three stitches under anaesthetic.

Should these Asda storage boxes be recalled?

Lisa said: “I deal with blood ok but when it’s your own child it’s horrible. I was shaking. I had to leave the room as I thought I was going to be sick. Hearing her screaming and in so much pain as nurses tried to clean the wound, it was hard to take. It was bleeding for two hours and she was crying. When they put her to sleep it was difficult seeing her lifeless.”

Lisa has now called for the Asda boxes to be pulled from shelves over fears a child could be left blinded.

“Lexie was so lucky that it didn’t happen a few millimetres further up because she would have lost her eye. Lexie doesn’t weigh a lot and it should be safe for kids. I don’t want another parent or child to have to go through this.”

Asda sent the 60L flip lid storage box for testing and deemed it to be safe.

In a letter to Lisa, Asda said: “The box was carefully examined and found to be within specification. Our technical team tested a number of these boxes and, unfortunately, they were unable to replicate the situation you described to us.”

An Asda spokesperson told The Sun Online: “We take product safety very seriously and fully investigate any issues. We have received no other complaints of this nature, and can only apologise for any distress caused to Ms Speakman and her daughter.”

This is the only product I can find on the Asda website which matches the description of the box which come in a variety of colours, The Sun story does not supply an image.

Should these Asda storage boxes be recalled?

See the full story at The Sun. Pictures of Lexie from The Sun website…

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  1. Although no small child should go through any injury, how exactly is it the boxes fault if the child fell? I fell against the door, who do I blame and who do I call about that? The door manufacturer!!

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