Asda Released SWEET Yorkshire Puddings & They’re Only £1.50!

If you’re a massive Yorkshire pudding lover, you’ll either be delighted or disgusted by this new quirky release from Asda.

We all know good ol’ Yorkshire puddings are best when doused with gravy and stuffing, but supermarket Asda is treating(?) our taste buds to a different new take on a beloved Sunday dinner classic.

The store has released SWEET Yorkshire pudding desserts so you can enjoy your fave food for both main and pudding!

The dessert comes in two different flavours and is filled with either toffee apple crumble or rhubarb and ginger crumble.

You may think the pudding sounds a bit strange when you’re so used to enjoying it savoury, but if you think about it, it’s just like pancake mix, so maybe they’re actually really tasty and we’ve been missing out all this time!

Creators of the sweet puddings, The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company, described the Yorkshire’s as being crispy like an original Yorkshire pudding, filled with sweet fruit, and topped with crunchy crumble.

Ok, so they do sound kinda delicious…

If you fancy trying out the quirky new puddings, you can find them in Asda in the chilled section for a bargain £1.50 each, which means you won’t lose much mula if you don’t like them, and if you love them, you can buy them in bulk for a super affordable price!

We’ll let you try them first though!

Images: Asda
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