Babies ‘R’ Us Cot Mobile Recalled Over Choking Fears


On 15th June 2017, Babies R Us issued a voluntary recall notice of a Babies R Us Jungle Friends Cot Mobile skn 171271. This item was recalled due to 3 tier raindrops suspended from the centre of the cot mobile potentially being a choking hazard.

This item was removed from sale with immediate effect and has since been replaced with Babies R Us Jungle Friends Mobile skn 232025.  The item currently displayed on the Babies R Us website is now safe, the tier raindrops are no longer on the product.

A Babies ‘R’ Us cot mobile has been recalled by its manufacturer over choking fears.

The Babies ‘R’ Us Jungle Friends cot mobile has been recalled amidst fears it presents a choking hazard. The news comes following the discovery that the small raindrops that form a part of the toy can detach.


This product has the item number 171271 and is marked mfr. 7731. The manufacturer has advised that anyone who owns this product should stop using it immediately.

Customers who own the Jungle Friends cot mobile can return the product for a full refund. No other cot mobiles from the store are affected.

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