This baby bottle has caused outrage, but is it inappropriate or genius?

This baby bottle has caused outrage, but is it shocking or genius?

I have noticed there have been quite a few debates from people discussing this baby bottle. Opinions seem to be split on this one and I know lots of mothers find them hugely inappropriate, whereas others seem to think it’s a harmless fun idea.

Now your baby can raise a glass and toast with you when you pop the bubbly open with this champagne flute bottle. The controversial product is being sold for £13.95, and you’ll be able to get your hands on one from Prezzybox.

Would you buy one? Bear in mind that there” be no fears of breakages as the product obviously isn’t made of glass and is designed to be extremely durable. The makers also stress that the product isn’t designed to encourage babies to drink alcohol of course. It’s simply meant as a bit of novelty amusement.

So let me know what you think? Will you be buying one for your little one?

You can get your champagne baby bottle here!

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