Take The Sting Out Of Back To School Shoes Shopping!

School shoes can be the most difficult part of Back to School shopping but we’ve made it easy!

For Back to School fashion, it’s all in the shoes. The uniforms will all look the same, and the knees will soon be scuffed and grass stained. Where there is a bit of flexibility to add some flair is the footwear. Here is a rundown of some of the top deals for all of the back to school crowd, from your little ones to your teenagers!

For the little ones

For the girls, you can’t go wrong with a classic. These girls patent mary jane shoes are just adorable and will be totally school suitable, and hard wearing. Although the shape of the shoe can sometimes pinch a little around the toes due to the tapered fit and patent styles can take a little while longer to wear in, these shoes avoid that with a slightly deeper shoe and a more flexible patent. These shoes are hardwearing, durable and super fashionable, and at only £12, they’re an absolute bargain too! Grab them here whilst stocks last.

If you really want to impress your primary school aged child and skip the battle to get them into school shoes every morning, the words ‘light up’ and ‘dinosaur’ might help. These light up dinosaur school shoes are perfect for any young explorers, with a cleated sole to ensure grippy-ness, and a velcro strap fastening for easy on-off action. Here is a review of the shoes from the website:

a positive review of the shoes


Get the shoes here for just £16, and check out the full range of back to school fashion on offer here.


For the older ones

Heading into year five and six, kids want to be a little bit more mature and leave dinosaur shoes and cutesy patents behind. They want to start wearing styles that their older cousins or siblings are wearing to secondary or comprehensive school. The best compromise between the often expensive shoes and trainers and the cutesy younger styles are these brilliant Kangol school shoes.

For the little ladies, this t-bar shoes are perfect for the classroom and the playground. They are hardwearing and fashionable but still easy to fasten, meaning your little explorer can hop, skip and jump with confidence and happiness. Shop them here!

For the young men, these simple all black shoes offer a more grown up style but still retains the velcro strapping for ease of use. The three straps also add a more mature look to the shoes, and gives them a trendier feel and makes them a little bit more trainer-y. Grab them here for just £22.00! Shop the full back to school range here.

Secondary School Fashion Shoes

Once you head to secondary school, it’s all about that stripped back minimalist style. These plain black Vans are perfect for boys and girls, and will go perfectly with school pants or black tights. These all black Converse might push the limits of some schools’ school uniform policy, but if they are allowed they are a classic favourite for school aged teens and are guaranteed to delight your kids and give them a confidence boost.

sensible black shoes made by vans and converse side by side

If either of these shoes grab your fancy, be sure to use the code ‘B2S10’ to get an extra 10% off. Shop the full range of Footasylum back to school accessories here. 

Will you be grabbing any of these fab bargains for your little ones? Let us know in the comments.

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