Back to School- Sorted!
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Here is a round-up of all of the top back to school deals

The back to school deals have been coming thick and fast this week, but here are the best of the best in money saving and bargains. In no particular order, here are our deals of the week:

The Tesco Click and Collect Drop

Tescos have now lowered the amount you have to spend to qualify for there click and collect service. This can save you money, time and stress when you’re taking on the mammoth task of the back to school shop. Tesco can act as almost a one stop shop for the majority of the back to school shop. They sell stationery, lunchbox fillers, uniform essentials with the TU clothing line, and better than half price sharpies, so the click and collect service being put down to £25 is a huge bonus! Check out the full details here.

Tog 24 Free Bag


If you’re picking up a Tog 24 coat for the new academic year, then getting a free bag is a huge bonus. Backpacks that will last the entire year and be big enough to carry a lunchbox, books, files, binders and sports kit as needed are invaluable, as backpacks can be as costly as £30. The Tog 24 backpacks are hard wearing and designed for longevity, and so are the perfect commodity. You never go wrong with a Tog 24 raincoat and buying quality will save money in the long run. Shop the full deal here!

Klarna and 10% off with UniDays at Fragrance Direct

This one is for all of the new uni students heading off in September. Get your smellies sorted and your sprays selected so you’re totally uni ready- and with Klarna, you can pay the balance when your student loan comes in! Fragrance Direct is perfect for uni students moving away from home, as they can pick up some candles or scent diffusers to surround themselves with familiar home scents, bringing a little bit of home with them. Shop the full Fragrance Direct range here.

The Wilko Back to School Range

Wilko have a brilliant budget back to school range with up to 50% off on the majority of stationery. There are some brilliant bargains across the entire Wilko range, including some techy bits like headphones, speakers and more- check out the full technology range here! The real winners in the Wilko back to school range are the storage section, with this charcoal weave storage box down to only 50p! The storage offers have some absolutely amazing savings available and they are ideal for anyone starting university, or anyone who could use a little more compact storage. I think the 50p storage boxes might actually be the deal of the week, they are an absolute steal! Check out the full range of back to school items from Wilko here and grab yourself a huge bargain!


Did we miss any of the best bargains of the week? Do you have a handy money saving tip for the Back to School period? Let us know in the comments!

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