Baileys Ice Cream Sandwich Is The Perfect Summer Snack

Calling all Baileys fans!

The Baileys Ice Cream Sandwich is here, and it’s the perfect boozy snack for summer.

With Baileys infused ice cream sandwiched between two soft chocolate biscuits, these sweet treats sound absolutely delicious.

Facebook page Aldi Mum were the first to spot the tasty ice cream sandwich, and people are going wild for them!

One commenter said “best ice cream ever”, and another exclaimed “these might just be worth the calories!”.

Annoyingly, the four pack of Baileys Ice Cream Sandwiches is only available in Australia – how come the Aussies get all the great snacks?

However, all is not lost. If you’re up for a bit of baking, you could make these ice cream treats yourself. Just get two chocolate digestives, mix some Baileys into vanilla ice cream, and construct your sandwich.

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