Baileys Just Released A Dairy Free Almond Drink

Love a glass of Bailey’s as a tipple in the festive season, or as a treat at the weekend, but have recently turned vegan or have a milk allergy? Well praise be, Bailey’s have just released a dairy free almond version of their iconic liqueur!

It can be hard to find alternatives to your favourite foods when on a plant based diet, or when you have an allergy, but thanks to Baileys, their classic tipple isn’t something you’ll have to do without any longer.

The brands new drink is aptly named Baileys Almande, which sounds rather posh don’t you think?


The drink is made up of almond milk, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water, and vanilla.

You can buy the 70cl bottles from Asda from March the 1st, or you can get find them in Waitrose now.

The bottles are priced at just £16 at the moment too, and they’ll make the perfect Mother’s Day present for milk intolerant mum’s as well.

So, if you’ve been craving the creamy, indulgent drink and haven’t been able to have it in a while, it’s time to treat yourself!

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