Do You Bank With Santander?

We value our insiders who work in certain companies and they let us know of any deals, offers etc happening in advance. 

We have had a great one through this morning, big thank you!

Hi Ashleigh, didn’t want to public post as I work for Santander and want to remain anonymous but we are bringing out a feature sometime next month where you log on to online banking and there will be a list of offers ( Starbucks, home base Argos, nandos just to name a few) where you click on it and for the rest of that month if you use your Santander debit or credit card  you instantly get cash back – some places re up to 15%. No coupons, no printing just cold hard cash credited back to your account. Thought it’s worth a publish, 

If you know of anything money saving starting soon at your place of work then please get in-touch, we will always keep you anonymous 🙂 


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