Banned baby names

Banned baby names

17 baby names that are banned around the world…

Choosing a name for your child is such a difficult decision and if you’re anything like me and my husband, we couldn’t agree for months until eventually we both finally agreed.

The name you choose will be with you child for life so you have to think of something that isn’t offensive – obviously.

Well, these baby names have been banned around the world but I don’t understand why some of them are on the list to be honest?!

  • Tom – Yep, if you’re in Portugal you can’t be known by a ‘nick name’. So while Thomas would be ok, Tom would not.
  • Elaine – Saudi Arabia banned western names.
  • Facebook – Ok, this one is stupid. The Mexican state of Sonora got sick of stupid names like this one and pulled the plug on them.
  • @ – Yep, that’s right, the at sign. A Chinese couple tried to name their baby @ which is pronounced “ai-ta”.
  • Robocop – Haha! I would have loved to have been called Robocop! Robocop Money Saver, you’d be more impressed really wouldn’t you?
  • Talula does the hula from Hawaii – No joke! This poor 9 year old was put into court guardianship in order to have her name changed in New Zealand.
  • Traffic – Well this is just cruel because we all hate Traffic. This was banned in Sonoro, Mexico.
  • Linda – Poor Linda, her name is banned in Saudi Arabia.
  • Adolf Hitler – Why aren’t we surprised? This young boys name got the worlds attention when a cake shop refused to ice his name on his birthday cake.
  • Alice – Unfortunately this name is banned in, you guessed it, Saudi Arabia.
  • Lady-Di – Sonoro, Mexico doesn’t allow this name but you can be named Diana.
  • Metallica – A young girl was denied a passport in Sweden because she was named after the famous rock band. I have seen a few reports saying that the decision was overturned and she did get her passport in the end.
  • Circumcision – WHAT?! Sonoro, Mexico we applaud you banning this name.
  • Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 – Parents in Sweden tried to name their child this catchy name in protest of the naming laws.
  • James Bond – Again, Sonoro are spoilt sports and won’t allow their residents to become the next 007.
  • Sex Fruit – Banned in New Zealand for a very valid reason. Imagine that name on a CV?!
  • Terminator – Sonoro is back again with another banned name.

Agree with any of these banned names or should these officials bore off?

What is the most weird/wonderful/random name you have heard?


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