Banned from Dominos because they got her orders wrong

Banned from Dominos because they got her orders wrong

This seems a little crazy

I think most of us can agree that we love a Dominos as a treat, I only ever buy when they have a 50% off code available as the prices are crazy otherwise.

However, this Mum who is a huge Dominos fan has been left disappointed after Dominos kept getting her order wrong – so they banned her.

Anneliese Shabbir used to order her Dominos pizza from Livingston store when she was pregnant. Anneliese craved jalapenos and would order extra on her pizza.

Anneliese said ”We used to order pizza up to four times a week when we lived near the Livingston store, the staff there were fantastic. They always got the order right and we were such frequent customers that they actually gave me a card when I had a baby. The wrote messages on the box and were really lovely.

“But since we’ve moved and used the Linlithgow store, it’s been nothing but trouble. They don’t seem to understand a simple instruction. I actually ring them and place an order for collection, rather than use the website, so that I can speak to someone and stress the bit about extra jalapenos.

“With the most recent pizza there were literally seven jalapenos on the whole pizza. It was pathetic.

“I’ve complained about it before, yet I still get the same pizza. I called in to yet again complain and I was told by the management team that if they continue to disappoint me, then they would encourage me to go elsewhere.”

In the end Anneliese decided to complain to head office as the store couldn’t get her order correct.

Her reply read ”Domino’s runs as a franchised business and means that we work closely with each franchisee and their stores to ensure that service doesn’t slip below our expectations. We have made the store and their franchise manager aware of your upset and you will hear directly from them within five days.”

However she then received a reply from the Linlithgow store themselves saying “It has been decided that as we cannot meet your expectations, we will no longer be serving you.”

Domino’s spokesperson Louise Butler said: “Ms Shabbir has been a frequent complainant at the store in question.

“Despite every effort by our store team to satisfy Ms Shabbir, it seemed we were unable to meet her expectations, and so it was suggested that it may be best for both parties if we do not accept any future orders from her.

“We fully support the store’s decision in this case. These decisions are not taken lightly. However, in some limited circumstances, unfortunately, it is our only course of action.”
What do you think of this? Were they right to ban her? Should they just gave her a decent amount of Jalapenos?

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