Barratt Released A New SOUR APPLE Flavour Dip Dab!

If you were a huge lover of sherbet Dip Dabs as a child, or are still a kid at heart, you’ll probably be excited to hear that a brand new Sour Apple flavour Dip Dab is hitting the shelves!

Barratt, the company responsible for making all of our favourite retro sweets from our childhood, is celebrating 170 years by releasing a brand new Dip Dab!

The exciting new flavour would have our childlike selves hyper at the thought of sour sherbet.

Image: Barratt

The classic sweetie brand is further celebrating by bringing back some of their vintage favourites including Fruit Salad’s and Black Jack’s too!

I mean, could we be more excited?

Unfortunately, we’re not sure yet as to when the new Sour Apple Dip Dabs will hit shop shelves, but we hope it’s soon, because we want to see how green we can turn our tongues!

Image: Barratt
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