Batchelors Just Released Prosecco & Mushroom Pasta ‘N’ Sauce!

If you love a packet of Pasta ‘n’ Sauce for your lunch, and like to treat yourself to a glass of Prosecco too, well maybe this is the perfect snack for you!

The popular ready flavoured pasta sachets are known for being super easy makes for lunch breaks, and come in a range of long running great flavours including Cheese and Brocolli and Macaroni Cheese.

But now, it has been revealed that brand Batchelors have created a posh new flavour for those with finer tastes, and it’s Prosecco & Mushroom!


The sauce is made from a Prosecco powder, so is suitable for anyone to enjoy, but unfortunately it is limited edition, so if you want to give it a go you’ll have to try and get your mitts on a packet asap.

You can buy sachets from supermarket Asda where they are selling for the same price as the other flavours at just 75p.

So if you really love it, you can stock up before it disappears!

What do you think of the new flavour? Do you think you’ll be giving it a try?

We personally aren’t quite sure whether this decadent new flavour is set to top our original fave flavours yet, but we’ll definitely be giving it a whirl!


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