Look At This AMAZING Bathroom Makeover For Just £39.99!

One money saver has totally transformed her bathroom for only £39.99!

Charlotte Greedy joined our Ashleigh Money Saver’s Bargain Hunters group on Facebook, and shared this amazing makeover with the other members.

Simply by using some £39.99 flooring from B&M, Charlotte was able to transform her bathroom on a budget.

Take a look at these breathtaking before and after pictures:



How amazing is that transformation please?

Charlotte has added a further luxe look to her bathroom by using dupe products. Check out those Jo Malone lookalikes on the bathtub, they look just like the real deal but are actually the Aldi equivalent!

Talk about #interiorgoals, we know where we’re headed next time we fancy a bathroom refresh!

Thanks to Charlotte for letting us share her fab pics with all of you Money Savers. Follow her on Instagram @missgreedyshome

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