Baubles Filled With Gin Are Now On Sale and Here’s Where To Get Them

Love gin and festive decor? Then these are the Christmas decorations for you!

Be the talk of the festive season amongst your mates with these boozy gin baubles.

Gin lovers can buy them in gift packs or in single 20cl baubles, each filled with gin from The Lakes Distillery.

The gift packs contain six 5cl baubles in 3 different flavours, including a sloe and a damson gin.

Fans of the drink based decorations can get the pack of six from The Lakes Distillery website for £29.95.

You can grab the single big bauble for £17.95 if you’d rather just have the one.

Each bauble is made with specially treated plastic, therefore the taste of the drink is unaffected. It also means they won’t smash if knocked off the tree by a child or pet.



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