BBC Licence fee could be replaced with a subscription!

BBC Licence fee could be replaced with a subscription!

The Culture Secretary has said today that the BBC licence fee could soon be replaced with a subscription.

John Whittingdale, the Culture Secretary, has unveiled two new funding models which could replace the licence fee after the Royal Charter review in 2015.

ITV news has said about the review which took place today in parliament: 

One of the main issues is how it will be funded in the future following the agreement the Corporation will start paying licence fees for the over-75s from 2018.

Mr Whittingdale said a review will look at three options:

  • A reformed licence fee
  • A household levy
  • A subscription fee in the longer term

Under the proposal the corporation would also offer premium packages to those willing to pay more, while those paying the licence fee would receive a “core” service

John Whittingdale, speaking in the House of Commons, told MPs the £145.50 annual charge was “regressive” because of its flat, poll tax-like rate.

“A subscription model could well be an option in the longer term, but cannot work in the short-term because the technology is not yet in every home to control access,”

However nothing has been set in stone yet and it is thought that BBC are concerned that the proposals do not take into consideration the views of the licence fee payers so there will have to be further discussions around the topic.

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