The BBC TV Licensing Fee Is Set To Rise!

It has just been announced by the government that the BBC’s TV licensing fee is due to rise from £147 up to £150.50!

The higher fee is set to be brought in from the 1st of April and is rising along with inflation.

You may remember the BBC previously telling consumers that they would also need to have a TV licence to enjoy their catch-up service BBC iPlayer.

Unfortunately the rise in fee’s means that you will be paying an extra £2.89 a week, which is a staggering £12.54 per month to enjoy watching your TV!

If you pay a licence fee, you will receive reminders and payment plans for your next renewal.

This means that if you want to buy a licence, or renew after the 1st of April, you will have to pay the higher fee. Though if you’re already on a payment plan, you can keep paying the original fee until you renew.

If you were looking to get a new licence, if you do so before April you will still be able to get it at its current cheaper rate!

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy the new fee when renewing, you could opt for streaming sites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix instead!

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