Beauty On A Budget

If you’re wanting beauty on a budget, I have some great beauty hacks for you to try…

Do you love to take pride in your appearance but hate the prices that come with it?

It’s time there was a guide for beauty on a budget!

Here are some top tips to keep prices beautifully low…

  • Vaseline and a scrape of eyeshadow make a great DIY lipstick
  • Johnsons baby shampoo is also a great make up remover!
  • Did you know you can remove stubborn make up with Vaseline? Gently rub Vaseline over the stubborn make up and wipe off gently with a cotton pad. Finish by washing face with a warm damp cloth.
  • Don’t waste your money on expensive make up brush cleaners, instead was them once or twice weekly with your favourite shampoo for a great smell or swirl the brushes in a bar of soap in a sink full of warm water. 
  • Don’t pay for expensive lip scrubs. Cover your lips in vaseline and let it soak in for around 10 minutes. Then using a soft toothbrush gently scrub your lips and you will have the perfect soft pout.
  • Think about investing in a more expensive foundation… Yes a more expensive foundation! You can go to any beauty counter for a more expensive foundation and get a skin colour match and a free sample, this way you can find out if it is right for your skin and how it looks. Whereas the cheaper brands, you can’t get a free sample of the cheaper brands so you could spend a lot of money looking for that perfect foundation. The more expensive brands usually give you better coverage meaning you use less. I love MAC and Estee Lauder double wear, both of these usually last me around 5 month.
  • Every week, check the latest magazines for freebies. You can often get an expensive beauty product for a few pound. In the past I have had a £22 face cream for £3.99 and a Benefit mascara for £2.
  • Visit department stores and ask for a skin care consultation. Many well known high end beauty brands do these at their counters and they often send you away with lots of little samples of their best selling products – If you happened to do this every few weeks then you would never have to pay for them…
  • Visit a perfume shop and ask if they have any samples of their latest fragrances. I done this at the beginning of the year and came away with a small bag full of fragrance samples.
  • Do you have oily, red, acne prone skin? Apparently Pepto Bismol, a medicine that you can pick up in any good pharmacy for heartburn, upset stomach and diarrhea, is the perfect face mask for this skin type! Apply Pepto Bismol to your face with a foundation brush and leave on until it hardens, usually between 10-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water and your skin should instantly look better.
  • Bars of soap are better for the environment, last forever and better value for money. I love Dove soap.
  • Sudocrem! It can be used all over the body for so many different ailments! It also makes the best face mask.
  • Visit local colleges for beauty and hair treatments. It gives students the experience they need while you end up leaving looking beautiful. All students are monitored closely by their tutor so you are in safe hands. It will only set you back a few pound too, saving you your hard earned money.
  • Instead of expensive spa breaks, why not invite your friends around to your place? Each bring a different beauty treatment and have yourselves a pamper day. One could bring face masks, another could bring hand cream for hand massages etc…
  • Cheaper brand sun screens have been proven to work better than the more expensive brands. So don’t spend big bucks on sun screen, just head to your nearest poundland!
  • Sliced raw potatoes are good for your eyes in the same way as cucumber is!
  • Before using bobby grip pins, spray them with hairspray – this will stop them from sliding out!
  • For perfect beach curls, split your hair into four sections and plait, then you want to run your straighteners down the lengths of each. Once they are cool you want to untie them and scrunch in sea salt spray.

Thank you for Danielle for sharing your top tips for beauty on a budget. Feel free to send in your tips and I will include them…

  • Instead of buying expensive shaving foam, buy a cheap conditioner and it does exactly the same job! It also leaves the skin soft and smelling lovely – Thank you Danielle
  • Shops always put more expensive make up at eye level. Trying looking at higher or lower shelves for better value make up – Thank you Danielle.


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