Become A Sleeping Beauty with Nanu

Become Your Best Sleeping Beauty Self With The New Nanu Tailor-Made Pillows!

In a recent study, Britain was recently ranked 6th lowest in the world for sleep quality and as modern life becomes more and more hectic a good nights sleep becomes more and more rare.

Beauty sleep is no myth, and a good nights sleep has been shown to reduce wrinkles and prevent skin sagging, give brighter, less puffy skin and eyes, healthier, fuller hair and an all round happier appearance. In addition to all of these fabulous natural benefits, skin products and moisturisers actually work more effectively on well rested skin, making sure you get the best results every time. A good night’s sleep can also contribute to a more positive mood, greater mental performance, and positive weight loss.

The newest product to help promote a good night’s sleep and raise general sleep quality is the fully custom built pillow from Nanu.

Nanu will design a personalised pillow based on your own specification— including your height, weight, typical sleeping position and preferred pillow firmness— to make sure you get a better nights sleep.

For years personalised, made to measure pillows have been such an expensive investment without any trial period or guarantee, which is why Nanu’s free delivery, free returns 30 night trial offer— and 2 year guarantee— is such a confidence inspiring starting point.

The 30 night trial allows you to make sure you are 100% happy with your custom pillow before committing to purchase, but at only £35 for a microfibre fill, hypoallergenic pillow designed around your specific needs this pillow is one of the best bargains available on the market!

Take the design quiz and start your free trial by clicking here now!

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