Halo Top, Who? Ben & Jerry’s Launch Low-Cal Ice Cream

Low calorie ice creams are all the rage at the moment, and frozen treat kings Ben & Jerry’s have thrown their hat into the ring too!

The new line is called “Moo-Phoria”, and is only 540 calories for the whole tub.

Cookie Dough lovers, don’t worry! The Moo-Phoria variation has less sugar and fat, but still has cookie dough chunks.

The Moo-Phoria range has three flavours, and will come into stores at the end of the month.

For those wanting to lose weight, this will come as welcome news. There are shedloads of low-calorie ice creams on the market right now, Ben & Jerry’s are just the most recent addition, as well as Halo Top and Oppo.

Shop Ben & Jerry’s.

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