The Benefits Of Using A Pre Paid Credit Card

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pre Paid Credit Card ?

Prepaid credit cards offer you the same convenience as your average credit card, without the danger of getting into any debt. The concept is simple, you put as much money onto the card as you like, then once the balance hits zero, you can’t use the card to buy or withdraw so there’s no chance of you spending money that you don’t have.


There are many benefits of using a prepaid credit card. The great thing about them is you don’t have to worry about getting credit checked when you apply, making the application process extremely simple! So if you have bad credit history, or perhaps just moved into the UK, this would be a great option for you to look into. If you are desperate to improve your credit rating, then some of the best prepaid credit cards allow you to improve your credit rating in return for a small fee. Normally £5 a month.There are some other small fees associated with prepaid cards to look out for. The activation fee is normally between £2- £10. You may also have to pay a renewal fee as prepaid cards are usually only valid for three years.

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Prepaid credit cards are great for preventing you from going into your overdraft as they encourage you to only spend what you have. They are also a great option to consider if you’re travelling abroad as you don’t have to worry about carrying cards around or large amounts of money.

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