What are the best box sets to watch?

What are the best box sets to watch?

Lets have a little break from  money saving and discuss the best box sets you can watch…

I am a MAJOR box set addict. I love nothing more than a cosy night in watching a box set series.

I have watched soooo many that I feel I can now recommend the best for you all to watch. However, I am running out of ideas of which box sets I can watch and I would love to hear your suggestions please 😀

In no particular order, these are my favourites…

  • The Walking Dead – The walking dead starts with Rick, a policeman who gets shot in the line of duty, when he awakes from his coma he finds the world has been taken over by zombies. Zombies were never my thing, and still aren’t, however this box set is amazing and a must watch!
  • Blacklist – When ‘Reddington’, a high-profile criminal, voluntarily turns himself in to the FBI they wonder what the reason is behind this. He is only willing to work with one agent and he helps bring criminals down from around the world – but why will he only work with this one agent? Ahhh, watch it and find out!
  • The Following – This is UNREAL! The amount of twists in the first series actually has you on the edge of your seat! FBI agent, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon), must try and capture serial killer Joe Carroll but it is a lot more difficult thank it seems.
  • Orange Is The New Black – When Piper is sent to prison for 15 month, she tries to adapt as she is very quiet and not your typical ‘jail bird’ type – will prison change her? Think an even better version of ‘Bad Girls’ that used to be on TV years ago!
  • Blindspot – This is very new but very addicted. When a mystery woman in found alive in a holdall in the middle of Times Square, the FBI must try and find out who she is because she has no idea. She is tattooed from head to toe but what do the tattoos mean?
  • Breaking bad – I think everyone in the world has seen this, now haven’t they? If not, you’re missing out! Chemistry teacher, Walter White, finds out he has stage 3 cancer so he begins manufacturing and selling methamphetamine with one of his former students to provide for his family once he is gone.
  • Arrow – When billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen, returns home after 5 year of living stranded on a deserted island, he decided to fight crime.
  • Luther – I have just finished watching Luther and I loved it. I got addicted to this thanks to the recommendation from Susan at Newcastle Hair and Beauty, I watched all episodes in 2 weeks. Luther is a crime drama set in London but he is a bit of a dirty police officer at times, however, he makes sure justice is always served.
  • Prison Break – When one brother is on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, the other brother gets himself banged up to help his brother escape prison. This is a must watch, season 5 comes soon, so try and catch up before that hits our screens.
  • House of Cards – This show follows US Rep. Frank Underwood as he manipulates the US congress to fit his own agenda. So far, there have been 4 seasons with season 5 airing on Netflix in May. So, you’ve got plenty of time to get catch up.
  • Mr Robot – Main character, Elliot, works as a cyber-security programmer during the day, but a vigilante hacker by night, when a man approaches him to join a vigilante hacker group and bring a plan to come to fruition.
  • Netflix Marvel Series – So far, there have been 3 different shows out, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. In March, Iron Fist will be airing. The 4 shows all intertwine with characters appearing in all the shows. The main characters will all join forces in this years The Defenders. The Punisher is a fan favourite character from daredevil and he’s getting his own show this year too.
  • Making a Murderer – The show is the true story of Steven Avery. An American man who is arrested and goes on trial for the murder of a photographer. The show was filmed over a 10-year period.
  • Westworld – This show is about a rather strange theme park. It is filled with very realistic artificial intelligence (robots), where wealthy people go and do whatever they want with no consequences. The can’t get hurt by the ‘host’ (robots), but they can hurt the hosts and after the robots are cleaned up, memories wiped and put back in the park. However, the park starts to have problems when some of the AI start to remember things.
  • Dexter – Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter analyst, who also have a serial killer. He does kill just anyone though, he only kills criminals and other people who do bad in the world, the people who the criminal justice system don’t convict. There are 8 seasons and 96 episodes, so this one will keep you busy for a while.
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  1. Outsiders, Outlander, Hell on Wheels, The following, Into the West, House of Cards, Vikings, Chicago Med, Code Black, Mercy Street, Fear the walking dead only a few there are still loads more

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