These 5 Airports Are The Best Value For Money In The UK

Planning a summer getaway to somewhere sunny? Holidays can be costly, so it’s best to save where possible. Here are the top 5 best value for money airports in the UK. Did your local airport make the list?

Skyscanner have rated the airports in the UK to find the best value for money places to fly from. If you’re off on holiday this summer, it may be worth your while to fly from one of these airports – you could save some cash!

The flight company compared average flight prices, traveller drop off and pick up charges, as well as factoring car parking charges and lounge charges to find the result.

The top 5 best value UK airports:

  1. Newcastle
  2. Birmingham
  3. Liverpool
  4. Leeds Bradford
  5. West Midlands

Are you flying from any of those airports this summer?


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