Beyoncé’s Heat Perfume has 80% off here!

Beyoncé’s Heat Eau de Parfum is currently £7.99 on Amazon Prime.

As part of the big Prime Day Sales, Beyoncé’s Heat Eau de Parfum is down from £40.00 rrp to just £7.99, making a huge saving of £31.99!

One reviewer said:

“I absolutely LOVE this perfume! I have purchased about 4 or 5 of these, and they have all arrived in perfect condition. I have had several compliments on this one and Heat Rush as well. People are amazed when I tell them I had sprayed it 8 or 9 hours earlier and you can still smell it…” 
With another reviewer saying:
“I will buy again! Beautiful dark tones! This was a blind buy for me and I feel in love the first time wearing it! Great for nights out.”
The reviews are mostly very positive, and at £7.99 this scent is an absolute steal. The sale only last until midnight tomorrow night, so act fast and shop it here!
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